Mono Anchor Plate Set

Mono Anchor Plate set use in unbonded post tension slab where there is no permanent bonding between PC Wire (LRPC Strands) and outer concrete due to outer PVC layer of the PC Wire (LRPC Strands). For free movement of the strand there is a surrounding layer of grease between PC Wire (LRPC Strands) and PVC Layer. Mono anchor plate use as a end anchorage to hold PC Wire (LRPC Strands) so it is very important to have mono anchor plate defect free because it’s only one thing which is holding PC Wire (LRPC Strands ) unlike bonded post tension system where bond between concrete and PC Wire (LRPC Strands) act as an back up if anchorage system get failed. Mono anchor plate is manufacture in SG500/7 cast iron grade. With mono anchor plate two piece wedges is used where as unbonded post tension slab 3 piece wedges is used.

It is available in two model

Encapsulated Anchor

Encapsulated anchor plate is coated with the HDPE material as per shown in image. This encapsulation of HDPE material resist corrosion and increase life of the mono anchor plate.   

Standard Anchor

In standard anchor plate there is no encapsulation. It is bare material shown as per image. The life of standard anchor is less than life of encapsulated anchor.

Pocket Former:- It’s small cap made up of plastic shown in image. The main function of pocket former is to eliminate concrete entering in to the mono anchor plate hole to keep it clean for perfect locking of wedges.

End Sleeve:- It’s small pipe made up of plastic material shown in image. The main function of End sleeve is to make connection between mono anchor plate and PE Coated PC Strand to eliminate concrete particle entering in to the PE Coated wire.
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We passed out rigorous quality standard of ISO 9001:2015 to manufacture anchor head in our unit and achieved certificate for the same.

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