LRPC Strand

LRPC Strand Wire Image

Product Specification:-

  • Quality : Premium
  • Size : All Size Available
  • Minimum Order : 1000 kg
  • Starting Price : Rs 65/kg
  • Product Used For- Post Tension
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LRPC Strand has been a game-changer for our construction projects. The high-strength reinforcement it provides has allowed us to build structures that are more durable and long-lasting. We highly recommend it to anyone in the industry.
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We've used LRPC Strand on several projects now and have consistently been impressed by its performance. The strand is easy to work with and its prestressed design gives our concrete structures added stability and strength. A must-have for any construction project!
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We bot LRPC Strand from tbeex prestressed llp. The high-carbon steel and prestressed design ensure that your concrete structures will remain strong and stable for years to come. We're happy customers!

Tbeexprestress is the leading LRPC strand manufacturer in India. Our LRPC Strands are widely used for construction purpose, we are lrpc strand manufacturer in india. It’s available in various size like 15.2 mm, 9.5 mm, 5 mm, 4 mm, 3 mm, 2 mm, 12.7 mm strand weight per meter. Sheathing Pipe and pc strand manufacturers in India are Tbeexprestress, Usha martin, TATA Steel, DP Wire, Katariya Steel, and MIKI Wire.

low relaxation prestressed concrete strand

LRPC Strands Is Short For Low Relaxation Pre-Stressed Concrete Steel Strands Which Are Used In The Pre-Stressing Of Concrete For Construction Work. Our PC Strands are low relaxation prestressed concreted for better grip and flexibility You’ll find great quality of low relaxation prestressed concrete strand at Tbeex at a great price. 

12.7 mm strand weight per meter

You’ll find many sizes of pc strand wire manufactured and offered by Tbeexprestress.

Pc strand Manufacturer In India

Tbeex prestress is a very well-known LRPC strand manufacturer in India. The wires are usually made of high-grade steel and can have a variety of different thicknesses and diameters. LRPC strand wire, Anchor Cone, Anchor head, Live Wedges, and  Spacers are commonly used to construct bridges, buildings, precast concrete products, and other structures.

Prestressing Strand Specification

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