Stressing Jack Accessories

Jack Accessories is the set of component needed with the jack to prestress and lock anchorage system. There are main three components of jack accessories

1) Master Plate

Main function of master plate is to stress the PC Wire (LRPC Strands). Master plate have a taper big hole which can accommodate master wedges to grip the PC Wire (LRPC Strands)

2) Coller Plate

Coller Plate is attached at front side of the jack on the anchor head. It’s main function is to transfer stressing load from jack to the anchorage system.

3) Wedge Locking Plate

Wedge locking plate is used to push wedges during locking stage in stressing.

We at TBEEX PRESTRESSED CONCRETE EQUIPMENTS LLP can manufacture all types of jack accessories as per your jack design. No need of any site visit and physical jack availability at manufacturing facility for the accessories order. We have dedicated design team they will ask you some critical dimension and your accessories will be ready to use. Jack Accessories will be needed when same jack is going to use for other type of anchorage system.  

Due to our high quality and competitive rate product offering we are having many domestic as well as oversea customer.

We passed out rigorous quality standard of ISO 9001:2015 to manufacture Stressing jack accessories in our unit and achieved certificate for the same.

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