Pile load test & rock anchoring

Pile load test is carryout to know loan carrying capacity of pile. With the help of pile load test we can determine 1) Ultimate Load Value 2) Safe Load Value 3) Settlement under different value of load.

Static pile load testing is most frequent procedures for determining a pile’s real in-situ capacity.

The test procedure involves determining pile head deformation directly in response to a realistically applied force. A certified hydraulic system is used to load the pile by pushing against a frame positioned immediately over the test pile.

An anchoring system consisting of reaction piles is set in the neighboring ground to provide reaction force in the test beam. Than predetermine load is applied in incremental stages as per specification given by the project engineers. Load is applied with the help of calibrated hydraulic system. 

Each load is kept for a known period of time until it reaches double the design load or pile failure, whichever occurs first. Displacement of the pile is noted down with help in the log book for each applied load than it is presented in the graph form.

Pile load reaction taking system is made up of Anchor Head, Live Wedges and PC Wire Anchored in to the ground. We at TBEEX PRESTRESSED CONCCRET EQUIPMENTS LLP  Manufacturing all above material to carryout pile load test effectively.

We can know Compression, Tension and Lateral load with the help of pile load test. After getting sufficient data we can confirm that assumption taken in design is whether right or not and we can also use those data to improve design so we can do cost and time saving. This test give us pile soil behavior which can be use to research purpose. 

Rock anchoring is the process of stabilize rock surface where there is possibility of

 the land slipping or rock slipping. In rock anchoring hole is drill with the help of drill machine , cable is placed inside hole and grouting operation is carry out to fix dipper side end than cable stressing and anchoring work is carryout with help of stressing jack and pump, Anchor Head, Live Wedges and Spacer. This process provide pushing force to the outer surface of rock and prevent it from sliding or falling. We at TBEEX PRESTRESSED CONCRETE EQUIPMENTS LLP manufacturing all types of rock anchoring material in superior quality and competitive rates. We are having vast customer base in all over india as well as abroad.

Application of Rock Anchoring

Stabilization of the rock surface

Fix Under Water structure against buoyancy

Fixing of structure which construction is carried out in rock

Retaining wall